The Incredible Parade of Cool

by Jeff Scott Roberson

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"The Incredible Parade of Cool" chronicles years spent kicking along the bottom of the music business. Songs of slumming and slamming through bars and clubs, searching for truth and light and finding nothing but ghosts and rednecks and drunks and freaks and everything in between.

Recorded a core of Kendall Davis and Joe Klug (Wussy) on drums, Paul Cavins (Goose) and Sammy Wulfleck (Goose, The Generals) on bass plus a cast of the most pleasant and talented people the Cincinnati music scene has to offer.

"Jeff Roberson's songwriting embodies the soulful pocket of twangy folk rock that inexplicably materialized in Southwest Ohio."
- Ezra Waller, Midpoint Music Festival

The download is available as a 44k/24bit high res wav file and the music is mastered for dynamics, so TURN IT UP!


released July 9, 2012

Recorded, produced and mix by Jeff Roberson at the Barn on Murder Creek, Colerain Township, Ohio

Mastered by Thomas Young, at Shady Side Lane

Additional recording at Ultrasuede Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Murder Creek Assembly:

Sammy Wulfeck - acoustic and electric bass; bowed acoustic bass

Joe Klug - drums, tympani, shaker, Wurlitzer electric piano

Lisa Walker- vocals, backing vocals

Paul Cavins - electric bass

Kendall Davis - drums, bongos, tambourine, shaker, vibraslap

Landen Summay - organ

Matt Combs - fiddle

Jason Gay - electric guitar

Niki Buehrig - backing vocals

Ed Pettersen - backing vocals

John Curley - electric bass

Annette Christianson - violin, backing vocals

Toby Ellis - pedal steel guitar



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Track Name: The Incredible Parade of Cool
Ooo lover girl
Ooo lover boy
It’s just another night in this crazy mixed up world

Ooo la la la la la la la la la la
Ooo la la la la la

Ain’t no call for you to cry
Ain’t no time to roll and rub your knees to your thighs
Like a man whose lost his way
Lost his dignity and is now to drunk to play

Standing at the bar you curse
Another asshole with a song, your not a first
It’s time to have yoru say
Sit down my friend, it’s just not your day

Ooo la la la la la la la la la la
Ooo la la la la la

Oh citified, to hip say good bye

Dry humping on a stool
Another boy, another girl, another parade of cool
Going down to your knees
I love these kids, they don’t even have to say please

Ooo la la la la la la la la la la
Ooo la la la la la

Ooooo, lover girl
Oooooo lover boy
It’s just another night
In this crazy, spinning world

Ooo la la la la la la la la la la
Ooo la la la la la
Track Name: Oh Holy Hell
Last night I stumbled out
and laid down on the ground.
The world like an ice globe,
fractured and spinning round

Ass in the dirt,
reaching for the stars,
coming up empty
mind and body at war

Oh holy hell, my head has exploded,
corn liquor and mushrooms mashing up my brain.
The sun will rise like a harridan hooker,
I’ll be hiding my eyes, hopeful for some rain.

The Town Pump rocked last night,
we tore up the place,
spilled out on State St.
completely shitfaced.

Then we laughed and laughed and laughed
as the paper wall fell.
I collapsed into the night,
you guys were wishing me well

I40 comes to me
and not to gently.
Passed out in a pick up truck,
hoping for the rain -
Black Mountain won’t ever be the same

Last night in The Cave,
standing at the bar,
another night another town,
another chance at war.
I'm going down,
sinking down,
so far down.
Track Name: Turns Into Stars
Conversations and love affairs
Drifting through the night
Slurring drunks and captive eyes
Locked into my sight
it’s past midnight free fall to morning
and I’m watching you float past my table
My feet frozen, body unable
To exercise the command
my mouth cannot handle

All these drunks in all these dives
Every night bring new life
Struggle through, dawn to dusk
Use misery in the clutch
Know consequences
breathing in present tenses
Trying to conjure their senses
With words and drink
Tying up sentences
And find some meaning
to it all

See the sunlight filtering
Through the evening leaves
Dance across the Sweet William
in the evening breeze
hot air swells, the rains refuse to tell
a dragonfly glides across the lawn
through the baby’s breadth and
on out through to dawn
floating fireflies turn into stars
Track Name: Dusk To Dawn
From dusk to dawn while you’re at home,
the freaks are out and the poets roam
In a crowd I’m all alone

Silently sitting, they pass by
Where once I walked and now I lie
slowly while my demons die

dragonflies swarm in a dance
beating their wings against romance
The summer winds are dying down, today
The stars have nothing left to say

From dusk to dawn while your out high
Uneasy sleep no reasons why
You are who you are, no questions rise

in the morning when I wake
your laying there for me to take
A kiss holds you down, my own to make

Flying on silver wings
chaos tugs my heartstrings
The summer winds are blowing today
dragonflies will have their way

From dusk to dawn while we’re at home,
the freaks are out and the poets roam
in the dark I sit alone

Your upstairs in your dreams
Sleep, a poets requiem
Dragonfly’s flitting in

Summer sun rise citrine
Track Name: Roll Away Slowly
On your knees and on your elbows,
the noisy prayer flows
from your soul into your mouth
then out in to the room

And like a corner preacher preaches
to the sidewalk walking masses,
your words fall on deaf ears
and your heart falls on the floor

And where’s my salvation,
where’s my reward.
I’ve thwarted temptation -
left the devil at my door

It’s here you present your offering
for the people who sit suffering
and the ones bent on crushing,
their lifetimes that you dread.

So you reach down to the challis
and bring it to your lips,
drink deep from the spirits
and fall into yourself.

No need for salvation,
you have your reward.
There is no temptation,
no devil at my door

Redemption and conquest
over demons in your eyes.
It’s here you find the very best,
it’s here you damn the lies

It’s then you remember
the times the spirits found you
and lifted you up from nothing,
then delivered you to yourself

Here’s my salvation
here’s my reward,
embrace the temptation,
let the devil in my door

Now the neon glows like stain glass
in a sunlit reverie,
elevating the evenings bombast
and throwing it to gods door.

The sound blows like a trumpet
for all those who care to hear,
breaking down your walls of silence
and rumbling through your fear.

Embrace my salvation.
Feel my reward.
Succumb to your temptation,
let the devil in your door

The alcohol burns the rafters,
on the morning of hereafters,
when the saints have only laughter,
to run the sinners off to bed.

So we roll away slowly,
from this place, so holy,
where the streetlight floats so ghostly,
in the early morning fog
Track Name: Dave Long Ain't Nobody
Riding along the Billy Graham,
past the strip clubs and the whores and the men.
Package beer, amphetamines, cigarettes and 2 wheeled machines:
evanescent light in the blackened, corpulent night

“Dave Long ain’t nobody,” said the nobody in the bar,
“A 300 lb sack of shit, a victim of the nicotine wars."
Split shoe shuffle and nothing much to say,
specter of the night, who has his way.

"I liked that song, I like BBQ and I like ice tea.”
I don’t like NASCAR, but, what the fuck, rednecks are ok by me.
I want to vomit, slip away, vanish into the night.
Become a ghost (oneiric) swallowed by the light.

But there’s songs to sing and always time to kill,
life to live, more beer to drink, all the thrills and chills.
Then I see you, floating, 300lbs, long dirty hair,
a southern ghost…unearthly… Dave Long ain’t nobody.

In the morning, the night stains our faces.
My fevers broke and bile still stings my nose.
Lance is outside by the bar door, the morning sun glows
and yesterdays foolishness melts from his soul.

And then he’s there, unseen and then apparent.
Gary Pucket, glowing green, cigarette and a beer.
He says nothing, he’s got nothing to say;
corporeal, translucent, the color of money

Another highway, same old bar, another Friday night.
Lonely hearts and bulging blue jeans - a drunken fools delight.
Billy Graham’s a ghost, a highway, a faithful mans protest.
He is the asphalt leading the way to a strippers flesh.

But here we are, still as ice, in our big white van,
Lance taking his jacket from the ghost of a man.
Green and motionless
and then he’s gone

Dave Long ain’t nobody and nobody had his say.
Track Name: This Old Car
This Old Car

This old car, it's run real far,
so many places it has seen.
From empathetic junkies in Worcester,
to sweet transvestites in New Orleans.

And now it’s time to realize, it’s turning real slow.
You can still be satisfied by parking it at home

The seats are lumpy and the oil is thick,
it grinds when it shifts, but it goes.
The paint has peeled and the lights have dimmed,
but it still got that old mojo.

Even so it’s sacrifice is one that can’t be weighed,
there's a time to go, a time to say no and a time to be saved.

And all of these years, and all of the miles,
and all of the things we have done;
are held in my heart, locked in my soul,
they will never be gone, never be gone.

This old car, it’s run real far,
so many things it has seen.
Ghosts and rednecks and drunks and freaks
and everything in between…